Partners in Russia

Our Partners on the eastern market is the Moscow design office PKF San LTD, engaged in the building design on the Russian Federation territory since 1992. The team has all the permissions, licenses and certificates required in Russia. Our cooperation began in 2006 and continues to the present. Together we participated in the development of logistics complexes projects in the Moscow and Ural regions. Specialists from PKF San LTD have years of experience in designing buildings with complex technology. The office is active mainly in the sector of industrial facilities, objects related to the automotive industry, but also public buildings and medical facilities.

Fiodor Kulakov has been designing since 1960. Graduated from Moscow Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. In the company PKF San LTD he fulfils the role of the Chief Project Engineer (GIP). He specializes mainly in the technology of buildings. He has many years of extensive experience in the design of industrial buildings, project development and engineering design as well as fulfilling the role of the Chief Projects Engineer. Fluent in the specifics of the Russian regional requirements and climatic conditions.

Sergey Nesterov serves as general director of PKF San LTD since 1992. Under his leadership the company has specialized in the design of industrial buildings, located on the Russian Federation territory. Experienced specialist in the organization of investment processes as well as complex administrative procedures for the construction processes carried out on the territory of Russia. Under his command PKF San LTD constantly collaborates with experienced designers and consultants. The company provides comprehensive services for engineering projects of any level of complexity, carried out in the Russian Federation. Their experience includes also the Ukrainian construction market. Specialists in PKF San LTD work according to high international standards for sustainability of buildings, which is confirmed by obtaining a BREEAM certificate for one of their realized projects, a logistics complex in Domodedovo near Moscow.

↓ BREEAM Rating certificate
South Gate Industrial Park Moskwa Domodiedowo